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Steve Tee Wee Leong
Steve Tee Wee LeongTrainer
Steve is partially blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He possesses a Bachelor in Computer Security, Network Administration and Design (Double Major) from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. He is currently working as a Call Centre Supervisor at a social enterprise, and was one of the recipients of the Exemplary Employee Award 2014 organised by Enabling Employer’s Network (EEN) and SG Enable. In 2017, he joined the national para-cycling team as a tandem cyclist and won a bronze medal at the ASEAN Para Games.
Muhammad Zahier Bin Samad
Muhammad Zahier Bin SamadTrainer
Zahier is legally blind due to Retina Detachment. His love for music saw him learning to play multiple musical instruments (eg guitar, drum & ukulele) even after he turned blind. Zahier has had varied work experiences – as a Braille Educator with a social enterprise and Project Guide with Dialogue in the Dark Singapore, amongst several others. He was recently metioned by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the Opening of the Enabling Village.
Wong Li Who Ben
Wong Li Who BenTrainer
Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 18, Ben is one of our most senior trainers and an inspiring figure to participants and partners alike. Despite his long-lasting impairment, he lives life to the fullest: from agent of insurance, starting his own company to a long-term SAVH partner. Possessing an immense experience that comes with age, Ben enhances our sessions with his unique anecdotes and charming persona. Ben hopes to master the Erhu, and write his own fiction depicting the values he holds dearest.
Siti Rossaliza Binte Rosli
Siti Rossaliza Binte RosliTrainer
One of our most experienced educators is simply known as Liza. She was diagnosed with glaucoma resulting in 100% loss in sight. Rather than letting that get in her way, Liza continues her journey of self-fulfilment as she strives toward her own new brand of education with her optimistic attitude leading the way. Her hobbies vary from sports, baking and even music. Liza looks forward to becoming a writer of children’s books.
Sim Kang Wei
Sim Kang WeiTrainer
Kang Wei was born with Cerebral Palsy. Growing up, he has always been fixated with a singular question: what is the fundamental purpose of life? He is no stranger to adversity and the power of empathy in his life journey. Kang Wei has dealt with many issues including low self-esteem, bullying and many others. His experience has moulded him into becoming a passionate in helping others. Kang Wei is trained as a counsellor having graduated with a degree in counselling from the Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2016.
Ali Bin Daud
Ali Bin DaudTrainer
Ali is legally blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Social Science in Professional Counselling and various Specialist Diplomas in Counselling (Psychology, Workplace Counselling, Youth Counselling & Management and Teaching & Supporting children with Special Needs). He is currently working full time as a Counsellor and conducts motivational, leadership & team building workshop at a renowned British educational organisation.

The Team

Back Row (from the left):
Muhammad Nur Hakim, Vanessa Ho, Azhar Az, Jared Sia, Alissa Ong, Yeo Choi Ying
Front Row (from the left):
Sim Kang Wei, Muhammad Zahier, Siti Rossaliza, Steve Tee