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Glow in the Dark is the first professional training & development company in Singapore which offers enrichment workshops and talks fully and independently conducted by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

With the gift of speech, diverse talents and unique experiences, our trainers seek to inspire our audience to achieve success in their lives through inculcating key life skills: Resilience, Introspection, Compassion and Empathy (RICE)

As a social enterprise, Glow in the Dark aims to be the bridge between PWDs and our community to effect positive social change, bringing hope and light into the world

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Glow in the Dark Workshop

Glow in the Dark

Flagship Workshops

Glow in the Dark aims to impart essential skills to participants to become resilient and compassionate members of society. The GITD Flagship workshop is developed by experienced enrichment workshop providers and is specially catered to inculcate key life skills into their daily lives. Participants can expect first-hand interactions with our trainers throughout the workshop to develop a better understanding of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

The workshop is based on academic-based frameworks and content. Additionally, the inimitable personal experiences of our trainers are incorporated into the workshops to reinforce these theoretical frameworks and to develop a better understanding of PWDs.

Glow in the Dark Workshop

Glow in the Dark


Glow in the Dark aims to impart and inspire participants to become better versions of themselves for the community. This talk is a truncated version of our flagship workshop and it covers the application of the academic-based frameworks. Participants can also expect a sharing of each trainer’s personal experience to broaden their understanding of the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) society.

Participants can also expect to be inspired as our trainers share their heart and soul with a short performance of our very own trainers. Be prepared to be surprised!

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