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Glow in the Dark is the first professional training & development company
in Singapore which offers enrichment workshops and talks fully and
independently conducted by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

With the gift of speech, diverse talents and unique experiences,
our trainers seek to inspire our audience to achieve success
in their lives through inculcating key life skills:
Resilience, Introspection, Compassion and Empathy (RICE)

As a social enterprise, Glow in the Dark aims to be the bridge between
PWDs and our community to effect positive social change,
bringing hope and light into the world

Our Mission

Our Vision

Enable every individual to unleash their full potential regardless of their circumstances

I believe those with disabilities have a lot more to offer than what society currently appreciates as they are usually hidden from the general public. Though they may be disabled, our trainers have better vision and clarity of purpose than many of us able-bodied people. I believe Glow in the Dark can be that glimmer of hope in the dark world we live in today.

Jared Sia, Co-Founder

Past Clients