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Corporate Workshops

Glow in the Dark aims to impart essential skills to participants to empower them to succeed in the corporate environment. Glow in the Dark’s workshops are developed by experienced enrichment workshop providers and is specially catered to develop empathy and adversity management in participants.

The workshops are based on academic-based frameworks and content, such as the four core dimensions of adversity. Additionally, the inimitable personal experiences of our trainers are incorporated into the workshops to reinforce these theoretical frameworks and to develop a better understanding of People with Disabilities.

Features of Our Workshops

Deepen Understanding and Learn to Respect Differences

Encourage Introspection

Build Teams through Common Experiences

Why Glow in the Dark?

Professionally Trained PWDs

We work with various organisations to recruit their registered clients as trainers. One such organization is the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). Our trainers come from varied backgrounds – we have a professional counsellor, musician, professionals who worked in MNCs, and even a paralympian in our mix. Their experiences all contribute to the quality of their sharing with the participants.

Our team of trainers independently conducts each workshop with minimal assistance from able-bodied staff. To do so, these trainers went through a rigorous training program with guidance from partnering professional coaches and professors. The course curriculum is also developed by experienced trainers in the enrichment sector to include both the personal experiences of the trainers and also academic-based frameworks and content.

Innovative Delivery for Different Audiences

To better engage participants of all ages, we leverage on different content delivery methodologies such as:

  1. Experiential learning activities to walk in others’ shoes
  2. Interactive activities with the trainers
  3. Personal sharing by the trainers
  4. Videos relevant to current pop culture and the topics taught
  5. Profiling activities to let them learn more about themselves
  6. Reflection sessions to encourage introspection
  7. Group activities with mini competitions to pique interest and levels of fun

Hear from Our Participants

I think this workshop was really helpful in giving us the opportunity to understand what empathy and compassion meansand how to it put into practice. […] This workshop is a great way to bring everyone together and work towards a common goal.

Participant • Unilever, September 2015


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