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School Workshops

Glow in the Dark aims to impart essential skills to students that will develop youths to be resilient and compassionate citizens. The GITD Flagship workshop is developed by experienced enrichment workshop providers and is specially catered to develop empathy and adversity management in students. The opportunity for first-hand interactions with our trainers throughout the workshop develops a better understanding of the Visually Handicapped.

The workshop is based on academic-based frameworks and content, including the three dimensions of adversity. Additionally, the inimitable personal experiences of our trainers are incorporated into the workshops to reinforce these theoretical frameworks and to develop a better understanding of PWDs.

Why Glow in the Dark?

Immersive Learning Experience

Our workshops are a unique learning experience that pushes participants to understand adversity and what it is meant to be truly empathetic towards others. Our trainers present information in a way that ensures the long-lasting impact of our workshops. Participants will not only remember what was taught, they will also be motivated to apply these values.

Glow in the Dark reverses the role of the PWDs, from guided to guide. Participants may start out sympathetic towards our disabled trainers, but slowly, that transforms into empathy and genuine respect for our trainers. The experience challenges participants to rethink their own problems and attitudes, and be inspired by the trainers.

Raise Awareness of PWDs and the Needs of our Society

Besides skills of empathy and adversity, our workshop also brings a social dimension to participants by allowing them to learn more about groups with special needs in our society. Through opportunities for interactions with PWDs and various experiential activities during the workshop, our participants will be able to understand the challenges faced by this group today.

For students, the workshop is a good platform to inspire them to take their learning and put it into action, making them active and caring citizens.

Fulfills the Ministry of Education’s Character and Citizenship Curriculum

The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) prescribed by the Ministry of Education aims to inculcate values and build social and emotional competencies in students. It is aimed at developing students into good citizens in a fast changing and globalised world. Glow in the Dark fulfils similar objectives and we inculcate many of these values laid out in the CCE syllabus, namely Social Awareness, Resilience, Harmony, Care for Others, and Global Citizenry.

Hear from Our Participants

Each speaker had different life experiences and gave helpful tips to share with the class with regards to their disability. […] The programme was truly inspirational and for a moment, I teared. I am confident that the students have benefited from this programme

Mdm Siti Hajar, Teacher • Westwood Secondary School

[The workshop has] taught me to become a better person and now I know how to help when I see a blind person who needs help.

Participant • Westwood Secondary School, May 2015

The workshop had a good mix of content and hands-on activities. The trainers exuded optimistic and positive vibes amidst their challenges which proved to be a source of inspiration to us. Their willingness to share their personal experiences faced by the Visually Handicapped (VH) made the workshop more relatable and impactful. Also, the life skills that were imparted will definitely be of good use in my life.

Thereafter, the activities which involved performing daily tasks while being blindfolded and learning how to guide the VH to walk have served its purpose of experiencing their lives and equipping us with the skills to proactively help the VH in public areas. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop to other participants as it was an eye-opening experience for me!

Participant • Catholic Junior College, May 2017


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